Alex (the_ripper) wrote in naked_in_canada,

Hello, all you naysayers and nudists!

Naked_In_Canada has just finished its first civil war!! That's right, some punk ass loser thought it would be funny to tell Remy that Canada had sprouted legs and ran to the hills. This, as was expected, caused much distress in the canada fandom, but nothing could prepare us for what was about to happen. A large space cruiser, manned by Naked_In_Canada's own Zells_Angel, attacked Naked_In_Canada HQ! After a long sword duel with myself, Zells_Angel escaped with Spankalicious Snovixen and raised a mighty army to overthrow the Naked_In_Canada dictators, which are myself and Remy. I hope you've learned your lesson, Zells_Angel, Spankalicious, and Snovixen; never, ever, EVER steal a ship from romulans and never, ever, EVER look at a gypsie's balls.
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im confuseded haha