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Naked In Canada's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Naked In Canada

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Lovin It! [25 Apr 2006|10:29am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Being Naked in Canada is the best!!! I think Canadians look best when they are naked. Don't you? Personally streaking can be a lot of fun but mooning sadly has lost it's caché. We should have a national bring back the moon day. I think I'll go get naked now.

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hey hey! [22 Mar 2006|11:20am]

Hey i am naked in Canada all the time... because its the Canada thing to do...lets just hope spring comes soon.....*shiver*
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GET YOUR REFERRALS QUICK!!! [17 Apr 2005|08:27pm]
If this isn't allowed, remove it!!!
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..my nakedness in canada [16 Mar 2005|10:43pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Last week i was naked in canada. . .it was in a motel with a few other girls. We're all on a . . ."team".. heh. Anyway - we'd just gotten out of the hot tub and putting on clothes after the freeing bakinis was really outta the question, so being naked was the only option. we had to turn the heat up, though. Canada is cold.

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check these guys out [21 Feb 2005|06:38am]

hey guys i am in a band called A Day To Remember we were just signed to Indianola records (casey jones ,Across Five Aprils) it would be awesome if you could chekc us out at
Indianola Records
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[19 Jul 2004|09:40pm]

I just wanted to say hi. You guys are really funny - I, unfortunately, have nothing funny to add right now but I just thought I'd announce my presence/introduce myself. I'm naked in Canada a lot - several times a day. I'm not naked *now* but I plan to be later. Nice to meet you.
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From the Toronto Star - naked news? [21 Jun 2004|01:08am]

Filmmaker hopes his movie sways vote by Peter Howell.

Firebrand filmmaker Michael Moore hopes his controversial new work Fahrenheit 9/11 will help stop Conservative Leader Stephen Harper from becoming Prime Minister, along with throwing U.S. President George W. Bush out of office.

Moore came to Toronto last night for the Canadian premiere of his Palme d'Or-winning film, which opens in theatres June 25 and which scorches the Bush administration for its handling of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that followed them.

And he brought with him a warning that if Canadians swing to the right by electing Harper on June 28, as polls suggest might happen, then dire consequences will follow.

"I can't believe that you guys would think about going in that direction, when we're trying to get out of that direction," Moore told the Star, shortly before heading to the Varsity Cinemas to make a red-carpet arrival at the screening.

"I hope this doesn't happen. Bush is going to throw a party (after the Canadian election). He's going to be a happy man. (Harper) has a big pair of scissors in his hand. He wants to snip away at your social safety net. He'd like this to be the 51st State."

Moore doesn't let the Liberals off the hook, blaming them for creating the mood in Canada where a Conservative government seems plausible.

"They moved to the right (under Martin), which then validated the right."

Moore, 50, has always loved Canada and followed politics here avidly even before his first film, Roger & Me, made him the star of the 1989 Toronto International Film Festival.

He praised former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien for refusing last year to join Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" in the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. He regrets not giving Chrétien credit for his bravery in Fahrenheit 9/11, much of which takes a critical look at the Iraq invasion and the Bush family's ties to terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Moore has become much more serious about his political views, so much so that Disney attempted to stop its subsidiary Miramax Films from releasing Fahrenheit 9/11, for fear of upsetting Bush supporters.

The surprise Palme d'Or win last month in Cannes helped Moore find other distributors, including Canadian firms Alliance Atlantis and Lions Gate.

Fahrenheit 9/11 has become one of the year's hottest properties. There have been reports Stateside of right-wing attempts to block or limit distribution of the film, and at least one death threat has been reported against an exhibitor.

Despite all that, Fahrenheit 9/11 is still expected to roll out on hundreds of screens in North America on June 25. That includes 55 in Canada, but the Canadian tally will rise to 140 within two weeks.

Moore said the distributors here originally thought of delaying the release of Fahrenheit 9/11 until after the Canadian federal election, to avoid influencing the outcome — even though the film makes almost no mention of Canada.

"And I said, no, no, no. Even if it's just four days before the election, you've got to get something out there to inspire people to do the right thing here.

"This movie should say to Canadians, you want to join the Coalition of the Willing? Get ready to send your kids over to die for nothing, so that Bush's buddies can line their pockets."

Fahrenheit 9/11 is unrelenting in its criticism of Bush, beginning with his controversial victory over Democratic challenger Al Gore in the 2000 election, a vote that was finally decided by the Republican-dominated Supreme Court.

The film makes powerful connections between the Bush family and with Saudi Arabian oil interests, including the family of Sept. 11 terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. Fahrenheit 9/11 is also unstinting in its depiction of the brutality of war, showing grisly scenes of the Iraqi conflict not widely seen on U.S. TV, including the recent desecration of American bodies in Falluja.

"I can't take it any more," Moore said. "That's really the bottom line. I can't stand what Bush has done from the get-go."

But Moore insists that Fahrenheit 9/11 and his vigorous promotional campaigns are meant simply to goad people into getting involved in politics and taking a stand on important issues. They're not a personal vendetta against George W. Bush.

"No, not at all. In fact, if anything, I am grateful to the Bush family. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be a filmmaker. Bush's first cousin, Kevin Rafferty, taught me how to make movies. He was a documentary filmmaker who made The Atomic Café. He shot most of Roger & Me for me ... So if it weren't for a member of the Bush family, I wouldn't have maybe gotten into this.

"I feel badly for George W. I don't think he ever wanted to be president.... He's a frat boy, ne'er-do-well living off daddy's largesse. I want to help him back to that life so he's happier."
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[23 Apr 2004|12:23am]

[ mood | hyper ]

I'm naked...in Canada! *cackles*

Add meh, fellow Hosers!

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[12 Mar 2004|08:05pm]

[ mood | Naked ]

It's not exactly naked, but I'm doing a underwear survey.

Come and join the party, and if you're really naked_in_canada, you can just anwser "commando" to everything!

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[19 Feb 2004|06:14am]

Wow. Honestly, I didn't expect such a great turnout of people. I figured at the most that Remy and I'd just get a few of our friends who have our sense of humor, but WOW. Real life Canadians?! Almost too much for me to handle. Thanks to everyone I don't know who has joined. You have made this naked community what it is; naked. Remember; our name is Naked in Canada, and we love naked people. Especially canadians. Warn your friends; warn everyone. Seriously, get your friends to join; I'd love to see how big this community can get!
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Claim it. [17 Feb 2004|09:22pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I've been avoiding posting this, only because I'm afraid of it not doing as well as I hope it will. But it's here! A Canadian Claim Community. So, if you guys love Canada and Canadians as much as I do, you should join this community, or at least check it out and leave a comment:


Maintained by yours truly. :)

Thanks, and I hope I'm not violating any community rules by posting this. [/end shameless self-promotion]

x-posted in several communities.

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[15 Feb 2004|11:34am]

[ mood | Nekked ]

I seem to have lost my underwear.


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Alex, Jam4 *has* been naked in Canada [12 Oct 2003|08:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've *lived* in Canada, and I can personally say, it is one of the best places in the world to be naked in. That's right. Naked in Canada. Mostly on Vancouver Island, 'cause Victoria is the best city up there. That's right. Victoria.

- James

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Hello, all you naysayers and nudists! [02 Aug 2003|11:12pm]

Naked_In_Canada has just finished its first civil war!! That's right, some punk ass loser thought it would be funny to tell Remy that Canada had sprouted legs and ran to the hills. This, as was expected, caused much distress in the canada fandom, but nothing could prepare us for what was about to happen. A large space cruiser, manned by Naked_In_Canada's own Zells_Angel, attacked Naked_In_Canada HQ! After a long sword duel with myself, Zells_Angel escaped with Spankalicious Snovixen and raised a mighty army to overthrow the Naked_In_Canada dictators, which are myself and Remy. I hope you've learned your lesson, Zells_Angel, Spankalicious, and Snovixen; never, ever, EVER steal a ship from romulans and never, ever, EVER look at a gypsie's balls.
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[14 Apr 2003|08:51pm]

Cap'n Crunch has just crossed the border. Thank you to the 5,297 people who showed up for the party. Thankfully, he scared us in his killing rage to cross the border, and he even waved to us before running a social worker over. The number of casualties during Cap'n Crunch's crossing was 88888888888888888888 kuhbillion people. Cap'n Crunch is now staying at a beach house in an undisclosed location with 13 women who all have the hots for him. Cap'n Crunch, I think I speak for all of us when we say O Cap'n Crunch and O Canada.
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[08 Apr 2003|02:51pm]

Naked_In_Canada Patron Greg Stefan just alerted me that Cap'n Crunch has broken out of the New York City jail, stolen a SWAT van, and is on his way to the Canadian border, killing everyone in his path. I think we should all be at the border of Canada cheering him on as he jumps the border and starts his new life in Canada. Cap'n Crunch has brought us crunchy cereal for years now, and I think we owe him a bit of support in this difficult time of his troubled life. It is unknown why he wants to be in Canada, but at 6:30 PM on Friday, Naked_In_Canada will be having a celebration for Cap'n Crunch's undertaking. We will be there until he crosses the border. Be sure to yell as loud as you can as he crosses through heaven's gates. Food and drinks will be supplied by me, so be sure to fast the day before.
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[16 Mar 2003|07:28pm]

Today is Yukon Ho! Day!!!!!! Pick up that old Calvin & Hobbes book and read the mini-series of Yukon Ho! It really is quite amazing.
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[01 Mar 2003|10:16am]

[ mood | cold ]

hi all you smart canadian lovers!

ok quick question, do you guys know the border laws? like can i go drive myself up to canada right now and would i get through? and do i need a passport? i want to go visit my friends there (you guys can come too) but i was wondering if i can go with out my parents. (im 16 for those that dont know)

so ya i was just wondering if you guys would know.


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Sanomi's trip to Canada. [25 Feb 2003|03:00pm]

Sanomi, I just read in your journal that you went to Canada. I expect a full report that includes all your experiences and feelings about that trip. Then, I want you to post it in your community.
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[18 Feb 2003|10:37pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

So me and spankalicious just got done watching Lumberjacks on the Canadian sports channel. It was one of the best moments of my life. I got so defensive of Canada that I even stood up (yes, I, the laziest person ever got on my feet) when this guy said "Canada's going down." It angered me so.

So a new bonus point for Canada is that their sports channel shows lumberjacks! And my new favourite person Darren Hudson is a lumberjack FROM CANADA!!

Man, the coolness of Canada never ends!!

~*live, love, be naked*~

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